Binary Dual Braided Leather Bracelet

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  • Material: Leather
  • Metal: Stainless Steel, Titanium
  • The 22 cm option is a comfortable fit for 19 cm circumference wrists. The 21 cm option is a comfortable fit for 18 cm circumference wrists.


You can’t go wrong with a braided leather bracelet. A staple piece every jewelry lover should have, our Binary bracelet exudes simple style and timeless design, ideal for those who love to pull leather into their everyday look through jackets, shoes and belts. Choosing between black and brown, you can contrast or match our leather bracelet to your existing leather staples for a seamless look you’ll want to don each and every day. 

Built with a stainless steel, titanium clasp in color matching matte, you’ll be amazed at how soft the leather feels against your skin, relatively weightless with a comfortable and relaxed fit, our leather has just enough light catching properties to show off its quality without looking plastic or inexpensive. The minimally designed, center feature clasp looks immaculate when paired with our minimalist matte black Proclivity ring as well as contrasting finishes by opting for shiny finish rings and necklaces. Our braided leather bracelet is just what your outfit needs to feel complete whether it’s a casual tee shirt or a sports jacket for the gym.




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