The chelsea boots

The chelsea boots

Created in the Victorian era (19th century), originally black and made of smooth leather, this small boot with a flat heel and wide elastic band on 1 or 2 sides has reinvented itself over time to become a timeless addition to your feminine wardrobe. At the beginning, they were worn by men for their practical, sober and elegant side: mini boots with elastics and rounded tips, they are easy to put on and fit well in the men's wardrobe.

Nowadays, it has been democratized, feminized and the brands give it character with different versions reinvented ad infinitum in different tones and different materials & styles (smooth leather, patent, velvet; flowery tips, topstitching). This is what makes all its charm, you can finally wear it with many different outfits (see below) and give you style in a strong and varied way.

It is also a very interesting pair of shoes because it can be worn flat or with heels, and in different heel heights to satisfy both those who prefer absolute comfort and those who like to wear high heels and especially those who support them.
As I already mentioned in my article on sensitive feet, when it comes to heels, it is ultimately a question of feet, sensitivity and very personal tastes.

Flat models
The flat model (1 to 3 cm heel) will guarantee comfort and lightness.
If you have a thin/narrow foot, choose a model with a toe that is not too rounded and a thin upper so as not to float.

If you have a wide foot, opt for a model with a well rounded toe and a wide shaft so as not to compress your toes.

If you have a hallux valgus, a pair of boots may suit your foot for its practicality and comfort, but also choose an upper wide enough to leave room for your toes.