Curious to really understand why men wore so little jewelry, I undertook a little investigation in my entourage. Of course, this survey is not a representative sample of the population, but it can still provide some answers.

To the question "why don't you wear jewelry?" I was often asked: too conniving, too feminine, flashy or worse, "not for me". Simple but lapidary as an answer. Does this mean that some men are born to wear jewelry and others are not?

Finally, and as always, jewelry is associated with social considerations well anchored in our heads, with imagery as old as it is outdated.

Symbol of power and wealth, jewelry is exclusive. Almost banished from the men's wardrobe for more than two centuries (and reserved for women), it is feminine and therefore sexually connoted.

Yet today, these psychological barriers tend to disappear. Men's interest in jewelry is growing and, as gender considerations are collapsing, many designers are entering the burgeoning men's jewelry/jewelry market. And believe me, this trend is still in its infancy!