How to make your bed like in a hotel

How to make your bed like in a hotel

If there is one thing you appreciate in a luxury hotel, it is to sleep as well! One would think that it is thanks to the meticulous choice of bedding. However, while it is indeed important to choose a quality mattress, an adapted box spring and a pillow that meets your needs, the quality of the bedding is just as important. Material, color, quality, so many criteria that will help you sleep well, all associated with a perfectly made bed.

Choosing quality bed linens
The importance of weaving
The major hotels prefer sheets with 180 threads per cm², a superior quality weave that will ensure optimal comfort for their guests. So, to be sure to enjoy comfortable sheets

Opt for natural materials
Percale or cotton satin are the ideal materials for a comfort worthy of the great palaces. To ensure a real sleeping pleasure, it is preferable to banish polyester or cotton blended fabrics, as they encourage perspiration and tend to be damaged by washing. In addition to the lack of comfort, this disadvantage will inevitably lead to a lack of esthetics which is counterproductive.

Cotton satin is really the material that will be perfect to enjoy a top-of-the-range bed linen. It is a material as soft as it is elegant, which will help you to spend very good nights!

Sheets in light colors
For a 100% 5-star hotel design, white is the ideal color. However, some interiors do not lend themselves to it (white walls, white parquet, maybe you want to cut a little...), and it is quite possible to opt for other colors, which will lend themselves to your decoration.