Chelsea Boots, the trendiest boots for men of the moment
If there's one pair of shoes you absolutely must have this winter, gentlemen, it's Chelsea Boots. These classic riding boots with an elastic on the side are simply timeless. They can be worn with almost anything, in the city or at night, for chic or casual looks. And in the men's boots department, this model is currently the most fashionable!

Where do Chelsea Boots come from?
It seems that J. Sparkes-Hall, the bootmaker of Princess Victoria of Hanover, took advantage of the invention of rubber to put some on the sides of a riding boot. He would have offered a copy to the princess in 1837 when she acceded to the British throne.

Queen Victoria is said to have been one of the first to wear the Chelsea Boots. But this does not make it an exclusively feminine shoe, quite the contrary. Riders and soldiers quickly adopted this practical and elegant model. The name Chelsea would have been given to it because this area of West London was for a long time occupied by soldiers who wore the famous boots.

In the 1960s, this same area was home to many artists who also adopted it. The Beatles as well as the Rolling Stones contributed to its success. Today, it is mainly soccer fans who talk about it with passion.

What are the special features of Chelsea Boots?
Chelsea Boots are timeless and are truly a must-have shoe for men (but also for women!). They are easily recognizable by their rigorous cut and the presence of an elastic fabric on the sides.

They stick to the ankle and are traditionally made from a single piece of leather. The toe of the foot should be neither too thin nor too rounded. Originally, this shoe is black, smooth and very elegant, but Chelsea Boots are made of grained leather with a leather sole.