How to dress warmly this winter

How to dress warmly this winter

Prefer clothes close to the body!
Warmth: that's what everyone is looking for in winter! And to stay warm, there's nothing like close-fitting clothing. What's the point? It's very simple: the higher the volume of air trapped between our skin and the fabric, the harder it is to bring and keep it at body temperature.

In fact, once the air trapped under your clothes, it gradually warms up on contact with the skin to reach your body temperature. From that moment on, your body is no longer in direct contact with the cold. You then feel warm under your clothes... Provided that they are tight enough not to let air in, of course!

So banish loose cuts and oversized clothes if you want to dress warmly this winter. Instead, choose clothes that fit close to the body and are airtight enough to keep you warm whether it's freezing, raining, windy or snowing!

Layer the warm clothes!
If clothes are the barrier between you and the cold, simply reinforce this layer to be even warmer! Stacking layers of clothing is indeed a good way to protect yourself from the cold. Because each additional layer of clothing causes an increased hermeticity. Air is better trapped between your skin and your warm clothes, and cold outside air no longer penetrates through the fabric.

But beware, while dressing warmly by layering is a tactic that works every time in winter, it doesn't always spare your style! So it's all about making the right choices to stay warm while ensuring the right look.