When fashion pushes us to do sports

When fashion pushes us to do sports

This year, given the number of ultra-stylish sportswear collections imagined by ready-to-wear brands, we tell ourselves that even fashion encourages us to become true sportsmen and women at heart.

And after all, before embarking on the adventure, we need a fighting outfit that is effective, comfortable and above all adapted: we don't wear the same sportswear for a fitness session, for jogging and for doing sport.

Since it is essential to wear elastic and close-fitting clothing during a fitness session - whether at home or in the gym - ready-to-wear stores now offer adapted sportswear and - icing on the cake - at low prices.

Brands such as Roxy, Etam and New Look have been doing this for several months now, as has Ivy Park, which offers special running sweaters that allow the skin to breathe, prevent sweating and protect the throat from possible cold sores. 

With all this, it's hard to find an excuse not to start training.