What to wear with Chelsea boots?

What to wear with Chelsea boots?

Chelsea boots are unmatched in their ability to easily coordinate with several families of outfits. Contrary to all expectations, they are not reserved only for suit and shirt combinations. Generally, Chelsea boots go very well with elegantly cut pants, a sober shirt and a matching cardigan.

To wear these shoes with a suit, be careful to select a pair of elegant boots with a not too showy sole. For this kind of outfit, boots with thin soles and natural-looking leather should be preferred. With simple clothes in dark colors, we will opt for Chelsea boots with a natural look (brown). For a resolutely urban look, choose black. Want to wear jeans? No bad taste! However, choose pants with a fitted or slim fit to perfectly match the narrow lines of the boots.

Chelsea Boots with jeans
Chelsea Boots in black leather with raw edge slim jeans with a hem. Be careful not to overuse the hem, it can quickly become ridiculous.

In general, leather men's shoes are expensive. That's why I recommend that you take good care of your Chelsea Leather Boots. How do you do it? Nothing very complicated! I invite you to :

Wipe the leather with a clean, smooth cloth to remove dust and stains.
Use a small brush to clean between the leather and the sole.
Apply on the leather a cream or a colourless nourishing balm for example.
Once a month, especially in winter, remember to waterproof your shoes with a dedicated spray.
When the leather begins to fade, consider using quality shoe polish to bring your Chelsea Boots back to life.