To dress well when one is a strong man is to restore the proportions.

To dress well when one is a strong man is to restore the proportions.

It is to give back to each part of the body its place and its importance by avoiding that a part takes precedence over the others. Most of the time, the men get fatter from the belly (and the women from the buttocks and thighs). Clothes are there to put you forward and make the most of your assets, they are not there to hide the dust under the carpet!

You have a stature and a presence, take advantage of it. I am 1m 73 for a small 69kg, I can tell you that to give me a "size" my sheepskin turned over is not too much in winter! You have the chance to have a natural stature and presence, and I will help you to show it off.

Do not try to copy what you see in men of standard size. Slim cuts and ultra slim shirts won't fit you. Instead of showing off, this kind of cut will make you look like a little guy tied up in a bulging shirt and pants. It's absolutely the opposite of what you're looking for.

The most important thing when you're a big man is to find the right straight cut that will fit the body without molding it. It's exactly the same for small men as it is for tall, skinny men. The best cut is the one that goes with the figure without creating big breaks in it. Your body is already very voluptuous and breaking!

For pants, opt for a straight cut that follows the line of the leg without sticking it. The thigh will certainly be molded into the pants, but the calf should not be. Make sure to respect the ideal length of a pair of pants, and above all that it does not break more than once on the shoe. Too long pants will make your figure more compact and make you look more corpulent.