Like chelsea or desert boots, combat boots are a legacy of war. More recently, during the Second World War, they were mandated to provide soldiers with the comfort and robustness they needed.

They are distinguished by a shell toe, (mostly) rubber soles, and eyelets that are often between 7 and 10 pairs, sometimes more. These shoes have taken on various shapes, such as the tidy one, which can be recognized by its side zip or its double buckle.
With naturally worn jeans or a taupe-colored chino, a khaki trench coat or a leather jacket, combat boots reveal all their power.

Obviously casual, they instantly give character to an outfit. They exude something very masculine, much less precious than the other pieces in this article. They are also very common in certain sub-cultures, such as punk or rock.

Following this logic, keep spontaneity by building your looks with boots fighting. They are not meant to be over-intellectualized.

Here, everything is done to support the raw dimension of the shoes. Luca plays on the layering, bringing a form of spontaneity and casualness. The perfecto, the "badass" jacket par excellence, echoes the boots. If he chooses to wear his jeans over them, you can obviously tuck them in.
With his rangers and crossover coat, Rémi reappropriates the codes of military dress. These boots are ideal for slim physiques: they highlight the silhouette, especially since he has worked his look around dark shades only. (BonneGueule coat, Uniqlo sweater, COS pants, Common Projects boots, all from old collections)