Start by putting your fitted sheet in place. The mattress must be well wrapped at the 4 corners (pay attention to the height of the cap of your fitted sheet). The fitted sheet must be well stretched.

Hear the flat sheet over the entire surface of the mattress, make sure that the drop is equal on each side of the bed; pull the flat sheet up to the top of the bed. Tuck in the bottom of the bed.
- Place your comforter with its elegant cover over the flat sheet, it should also cover the entire bed and have a generous drop on each side of the bed.

You can put the flat sheet back down on top of your comforter and arrange your pillows as shown above. Your bed is perfect!

Hang some nice big curtains
Hanging large and beautiful curtains on your windows will make your room look even more chic. But it is also an elegant way to block the outside light, and to help you fall asleep thanks to the total blackness in which you will be plunged!

Organize a pretty bedside table
The night tables in hotel rooms are never overcrowded. They should not be used to deposit all your small belongings. They must remain minimalist. Use them to place pretty candles or a perfume diffuser. This way, a delicate scent will float in the air and help you relax.