I choose the type of lens that suits me

I choose the type of lens that suits me

For a first experience with lenses, we advise you to turn to daily lenses first. Single-use lenses are disposable at the end of the day and, unlike monthly lenses, do not require maintenance.

Once you're familiar with lens wear, you can continue with this model or choose monthly lenses, which often offer a wider choice of colors. They'll also be more economical if you want to wear them frequently.
The right lenses for me: Freshlook One Day

I respect these simple rules
Lenses should be applied before applying makeup. It's a simple matter of avoiding traces of makeup on your lenses or even risking ruining your makeup.
For the same reasons, it's also best to remove your makeup before removing your contact lenses.

Ideally, it's best to choose waterproof mascara or eyeliner to avoid black streaks on your contact lenses if your makeup runs.
If you wear monthly lenses, it is necessary to store them well after use in the case with the solution and to change the solution each time. Even if you don't wear your lenses for a month and store them in the case, you should throw them away one month after opening the package.
How to put in contact lenses

Let's go, I'm putting them on!
Putting lenses in is a simple gesture once you have the hang of it.

For the first time, it's better to put yourself in good conditions. Rather than trying them on 10 minutes before your appointment, you should allow a little time to apply them without stress. You should also set up in front of a mirror that is wide enough and with good lighting to simplify the application.