How to dress so as not to be too cold or too hot.

How to dress so as not to be too cold or too hot.

In these chilly temperatures, if you don't cover up enough, you'll shiver on the sidewalks. If we cover ourselves too much, we suffocate in transportation and offices. When I go on a personal shopping trip lasting several hours, I multiply the number of people going in and out of the stores. I don't want to be as cluttered as an Eskimo.

So how can I be neither too cold nor too hot in the city?

- First strategy: thin layers

Even if you're as cold as a baby chihuahua, avoid wrapping yourself in a big 100% alpaca knit: it's absolute happiness for a walk outside but the sauna is guaranteed in a crowded bus or an overheated office.

Accumulate clothes that you can easily take off for the day.

For example, you can ..:

- a t-shirt or a thin tank top (American Vintage) or technical fabric (Uniqlo)

- a cotton shirt (or a silk blouse)

- a fine sweater or jacket

- a coat

Second strategy: the big coat

He does all the work.

If like me, you're going in and out of the stores - or if you're taking the transport for long minutes - this is the only room you'll have to take off and... wear.

Warmth guaranteed if you are not afraid of large volumes: my fleece coat (Comptoir des Cotonniers) or a woolly skin.