How to be stylish in your sportswear?

How to be stylish in your sportswear?

Sport requires motivation and regularity. However, we don't want to cut back on our femininity and we have to admit that some sport outfits don't let anything go by. And if motivation and style were closely linked?

As you know, a look adapted to your morphology and lifestyle boosts your self-confidence and has repercussions on your actions and your life, it is exactly the same thing as regards your sportswear. Bright colors, a nice outfit in which you feel comfortable, will give you self-confidence and therefore more easily the desire to surpass yourself and practice your favorite sport.

How to choose your sportswear
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When you do sports, go to brands that offer clothing in technical materials, otherwise prefer natural materials such as cotton.

Of course, you have all the sports brands: Decathlon, Go Sport, Intersport...which are multi-brand but also offer their own collection or exclusive brands.
We offer you nice outfits with a good price-quality ratio. You have surely noticed that classic ready-to-wear brands have taken over sportswear, be careful because the materials may not be designed for sportswear, so if in doubt, it is better to refer to a traditional brand.

Be aware that synthetic materials and sportswear do not mix well because they facilitate the appearance of bad smells and promote perspiration.

In the interesting materials you have: lycra (stretchy and comfortable), cotton (comfortable, tearproof and absorbs moisture), elastane (increases muscle performance) and coolmax (wicks moisture away from the body).