Don't adopt other people's style, adopt YOUR own!

Don't adopt other people's style, adopt YOUR own!

Many people dress by copying different styles of stars, famous personalities, people who are known to have style, but often without matching them.
To have style is to have a personality, which is reflected by what you wear, and just copying doesn't reflect anything of who you are to others and doesn't enhance your personal taste and therefore doesn't boost your self-confidence.

Serious problem.
To succeed in any process you undertake, whether it be in personal development, seduction, or on a professional level, you need a great deal of self-confidence.

It is said that what we put on reflects our moods, when we put on colors, when we pay attention to details, when we neglect ourselves... so pay attention to these connotations, because showing that we feel good about ourselves attracts more people and makes them want to approach us.

However there are rules of style, that you have to know to never fall into the mistakes of taste, which can break a whole image sometimes (and I imagine you have examples of that, otherwise you are very lucky or... carefree!).

So have your own style, follow the rules, get inspired, but never copy!

That's an order.