Cover sheet: Piece of fabric that wraps the mattress. When the bottom sheet is equipped with elastic all around or at the 4 corners, it is called fitted sheet. This fitted sheet is designed to be attached to the mattress to protect it. It must be the same size as the mattress. A sleeper rests on this sheet to sleep.

Top sheet or flat sheet: rectangular piece of fabric placed above the fitted sheet (or bottom sheet) on a bed. This sheet is larger than the fitted sheet because it must be folded over the blanket to protect it. It is used to cover a mattress or to insulate the sleeper from his blanket or comforter (itself protected by a comforter cover). The sleeper slips between the flat sheet and the fitted sheet to sleep.

Originally the sheet was a type of woollen fabric. In the broadest sense, a sheet is a piece of fabric and the sheet industry or trade refers to the textile industry or trade in general.

Comforter cover
Fabric cover in which the comforter is slipped to protect it. We call chimney the piece of fabric located at the foot of the comforter cover which is tucked under the mattress.
The comforter cover has a double interest: it is easier to maintain than a comforter because it is less bulky and lighter. It can therefore easily be washed in a conventional washing machine.

It is a decorative element of the bedroom and just by changing the comforter cover you can change the decoration of an entire room.

A large part of the comforter covers come from India, Turkey, China..., cotton producing countries with low labor costs, but the textile industry is also established in France, especially in Lorraine or in the North, the Lyon region and the South West.

Comforters have been used since the end of the 20th century and the comforter cover replaces the flat sheet and blanket.