Combination of colors for fair/pale skin

Combination of colors for fair/pale skin

Do you have blond, brown or red hair? Freckles? Do you always tend to run away from the sun? Or protect your skin with a 50+ sunscreen? If you have fair or even pale skin, then shades that clearly contrast with your complexion will literally add a little color.

Opt for darker colors such as gray, brown, burgundy, bottle green, navy blue. Brighter shades of blue will also be just as suitable because they will contrast with your skin tone.

Now, lighting is also important, so to avoid taking any risks and to avoid looking like a walking corpse, avoid soft, pastel colors at all costs.

Also avoid bright colors that will completely disadvantage you. The same goes for neutral tones such as white and light beige. Instead, choose to wear richer shades such as sand, camel, khaki or slate grey

As for red, although it's not best suited for people with pale skin and pink cheeks, it can go well with lighter alabaster skin. The condition: that this red be worn in shades such as crimson.

I advise you to base your outfit on darker colors such as navy blue, brown and black, which you can combine with lighter colors. The idea is that you mix light colors with dark colors.