Bed linen: the guide

Bed linen: the guide

The human being spends on average ⅓ of his life sleeping, which represents about 25 years of his life. Hence the importance of having good bedding and comfortable bed linen.

The bed linen (or bed linen set) is one of the elements of the household linen, it is composed of different parts (fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillowcases and comforter cover) intended to protect a mattress, pillows and possibly a comforter. The well-being and comfort brought by these different parts depends on the material used to make them. They allow a regular and easier maintenance.

There is a large choice of bed linen in natural or synthetic materials, plain or patterned fabrics and in various sizes to fit the size of the bed. The origin of the bed linen can be foreign or Made in France...

The reason for this great variety is that bed linen is not only used for bedding protection. For the bedroom, it has also become a decorative element in its own right.

Many French people adopt an eco-responsible lifestyle on a daily basis to preserve the planet and their own health. Buying responsibly, favouring ecological materials, using less water, less polluting materials and less energy are becoming increasingly important criteria in the eyes of consumers.