Mens Colored Contacts/Circle Lenses 2pcs/Pair Contact Lenses For Eyes Non Prescription Color Contact Lens With Free Case

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Buying contact lenses online is very convenient and cost effective. We have the perfect kind of colored contact lenses to help you instantly achieve a new look and complement your makeup. Surprise everyone with our fascinating contact lenses in different shades and colors.

Advantages :
Have fun with a surprising change of style. Monthly lenses available in 9 different colours.
Maximum comfort. These highly permeable lenses ensure that your eyes stay moist all day long.

Easy to wear. The flexible material and thin edges make it easy to insert your lenses.

Colors monthly contact lenses can change the natural colour of your eyes. The range's many bright colours give you a new look.

These lenses from Alcon, one of the leading brands in the industry, use 3-in-1 technology to achieve a natural effect with three different colour zones - one inside, one middle and one outside. The combination of these lenses fuses the natural colour of your eyes with the lens to create a natural effect.

Colored Contact Lenses are highly permeable, ensuring healthy eyes and maximum moisture throughout the day.

Technical description :
Frequency of use Contact Lenses, per month
The Alcon brand
Material Lotrafilcon B 1 5 (Silicone hydrogel) with 33% water
UV protection No
Base curve (mm) 8.6
Diameter (mm) 14.2
Directions for use For monthly use up to 30 days. Replace lenses with a new pair after one month.

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