8 colors led toilet night light

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  • Characteristics
    1. Auto-detection system: It turns on when you close, auto shutdown when you leave
    2. 8 Colors light emission: 8 colors light in turn, the shell is white
    3. Energy-saving and useful: your bathroom is easy to access via auto-sensing device, smart and caring
    4. Flexible foldable
    5. Sanitary design: easy to clean
    6. Very smart device for you all the toillettes
    7. Suitable for all bathrooms: home, hotel, restaurant, home caffee, etc.


  • QUICK and EASY INSTALLATION : This new illumibowl home gadget, the Toilet Bowl "Light of Thrones" is! Plus, our Motion-Activated Toilet Night Light Device FITS ON ANY BOWL: Just bend the flexible arm of the device and attach it to any shaped bowl. Ready in 5 seconds. Plus, it is waterproof for long lasting service.


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