What details to pay attention to to choose the right clothing?

What details to pay attention to to choose the right clothing?

The hood:

On your jacket, coat or parka for the cold, the presence of a hood is essential: it plays an essential role in your protection and insulation. Indeed, on a waterproof garment, the hood covers your head from wind and rain. In very cold weather, the hood is an excellent barrier to the cold, sometimes freezing, by covering your head but especially your ears effectively. The hood of your cold weather garment can be fixed or removable. Even if we like removable hoods for ergonomic reasons, note that a fixed hood is more thermally efficient since there is no heat loss due to snaps or zippers.

Since we speak "hood", a little technical precision: Some models presented in our collections of winter coats, parkas and down jackets, have hood contours called "imitation fur". We would like to point out that in all cases, except for one brand, all our hood outlines are made of synthetic fur.

The drawstrings :

At the bottom of the jacket and/or at the waist, the presence of drawstrings on your jacket is ideal to adjust your garment. Indeed, air is the best insulator, as long as it is dry and static. The idea is to store air and freeze it in the garment so that it effectively insulates you from the cold. If air circulation occurs, it is called humid air, which is conductive. The drawstrings present at the bottom of your jacket and sometimes at the waist to readjust your parka, are ideal to close your coat completely. Do not hesitate to use them.