As with bracelets, necklaces are easy to conceal under a top, becoming a jewel more personal than intended to be seen. Nothing prevents you from wearing it proudly around your neck and showing it off to the world.
It is possible to wear necklaces of fine to medium sizes, more or less conspicuous. The baroudeur and hippie inspirations add a touch of the unexpected to a very simple outfit at first glance.

As for bracelets, choose models of reasonable size. No need to wear an anvil around your neck, it's not flattering. And besides, it could be dangerous.
Unlike bracelets, you avoid stacking your dozens of necklaces. The result could really be too heavy. You can limit yourself to a maximum of three pieces.

For a bohemian style, choose bi-material necklaces with a leather thread and a metal medallion, a piece for example or a grigri of some kind. Chains can be of the best effect for a rougher, more rock.
At what price?

The first models, as for the bracelets, will be available at reasonable prices, starting from 30 euros. Depending on the composition, the presence of a medallion, the design and the brand, the prices can soar. But you will be able to find very nice pieces starting