Techniques to make your bed like in a luxury hotel

Techniques to make your bed like in a luxury hotel

To make your bed like a palace, follow these tips. They will allow you to have a well made bed, with the sheets well drawn:

For the fitted sheet, it is initially advisable to pay attention to the size of the bonnet. The sheet must perfectly wrap the mattress (without it being difficult to put it there because of a model not adapted to the height of the mattress), and perfectly pulled. Unsightly folds do not go well with a 5-star hotel bed!

Place with the flat sheet... It should be stretched over the entire length of your bed, making sure that the length is equal on each side of the bed. Pull it up to the top of the bed, then tuck it in at the bottom.
A generous comforter made of natural material is added, with an equal fall on each side of the bed. It should be perfectly taut, so that no creases are visible.

All you have to do is fold the flat sheet over your comforter at the top of the bed. Needless to say that the length of the sheet on the comforter must be perfectly aligned and symmetrical, for an absolutely perfect result.
Arrange your pillows, then your decorative cushions. Your bed is made and waiting for you!

Which decoration to perfect your room?
What would a bed drawn in the square and decorated with noble and comfortable materials be without the adapted surrounding decoration?

So you can finish this perfect bed with long curtains and cocooning. Their material will be thick and welcoming, and the color will be neutral enough to match any color of bed linen. Also create a small lounge area that will accommodate a few decorative cushions to match those of your bed.