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Often when I look at the stats of my blog, I see that readers have typed "gay fashion" in their search engine to get to my site. So I'm taking advantage of the Pride March week to make a small point on this subject. In fact, there is no such thing as gay fashion. First of all, the word "fashion" is not the right one. We should be talking about gay looks.


There is no such thing as a gay look

Gays and lesbians have the same diversity of clothes and looks as straight people. With an overwhelming majority of people not stylistically involved, the "no looks", dressed in jeans, T-shirts, polo shirts and sneakers of any kind, more assertive streetwear and sportswear looks, tie suits for those who have to wear them at work. And for the younger ones, looks associated with musical trends (the same looks as the other young people, of course): hip hop, rock, emo, partying, etc. It changes according to the times and places where they live. Right now, it's the great normcore period.

The only truly gay look, but very much in the minority, is the Fashion look that goes with a good belly and a big beard: lumberjack check shirt and jeans.

And the only thing that's really trendy among gays since 2010, but it's not about clothes, it's about wearing a long beard. This fashion then spread very widely among hipsters.

here are links to a selection of websites proposed by fans who directly target a gay clientele or who support the fight for equal rights.