Decoration and comfort worthy of a 5-star hotel

Decoration and comfort worthy of a 5-star hotel

Enrich the decoration of your bed so you'll want to slip into it with delight!

The comforter is light and cozy, with a natural down filling. The pillows are just as generous and voluminous, and once the bed is made, you can add more pillows on top to create a warm and welcoming decoration. If you've chosen colorful sheets, this may be a good time to opt for white cushions with noble materials. Conversely, white sheets will go well with chocolate cushions for example, which remain sober but elegant.

How many pillows and cushions for a luxury bed?
Do you really want a decoration worthy of a luxury hotel? Place 2 square standing pillows (the reading pillows), in front of which you can add rectangular models (the sleeping pillows). Add your decorative pillows to them! A welcoming bed that's just waiting for you!

The advice in this case is not to exceed 5 pillows so as not to overload your bed. However, being satisfied with only 2 pieces would simply make it far too commonplace, far from the goal you have set for yourself. To create the cosy and warm atmosphere of a luxury hotel room, choose pillows and cushions with different shapes and textures.

Whether you are more of a sheet or a comforter, just avoid choosing your bed linen the size of your mattress. To feel good, as in a soft box, you need sheets and a comforter that fall largely on the sides, to be able to roll up inside and optimize your comfort. The more generous the drop will be, the less likely you are to suffer from possible uncomfortable draughts.

As an example, for a 160X200 mattress, 240X260 sheets will be perfect.