Bed linen

Bed linen

In the bedroom, bed linen is a way to renew the decoration with few elements, without changing everything, and regularly. As the weeks and seasons go by, the bed linen set is shaded with dark and soft colors, floral and light patterns, graphic and contemporary prints. In cotton or linen, the fabric is also important with a different touch and varied qualities.

In order to have an optimal sleep, it is advisable to sleep in natural materials for a certain well-being. The ornament helps to create a pleasant moment, so you might as well choose it carefully. Discover more than 30 bed linen sets for a decorative room and beautiful nights.

With more and more varied collections, always silky materials, the bed linen folds in four to meet all our desires. Out of respect for the planet, the designers also offer natural bed linen or organic cotton bed linen sets, fabrics that are in line with a new way of designing your interior. In order to preserve this linen as well as possible, it is preferable to wash it regularly (inside out if possible) and together so that the colors remain the same on the comforter cover and pillowcases.

For drying, it is best to hang the linen on a thread outside so as not to damage the fibers, air the fabric and limit wrinkles. Another piece of advice, the ornament can be ironed more easily when it is still a little damp. So many little tricks to have beautiful bed linen in the bedroom.