A little help to choose your clothes for the cold?

A little help to choose your clothes for the cold?

For all outdoor activities, sports or not, Au Vieux Campeur selects for you the largest choice of technical, specialized clothing. But you don't always want to put on your ski gear to protect yourself from the cold, especially when you don't ski... The solution ? It's quite simple at Au Vieux Campeur: look at what we offer in our collection of clothing for the cold.

Comfortable clothes to wear when it is cold, or even very very cold, in town, in high altitude resorts, on walks in the forest, for trips to cold regions (Canada, Norway...) - everywhere.

These clothes for the cold must meet two criteria: a good versatility (to be useful in any circumstance when the thermometer goes down), as well as an excellent quality, a guarantee of efficiency. Their manufacturing materials are very close, and often even similar, to those of ski or altitude clothing, but their cuts, shapes and styles are better suited to a less sporty use.

Why prefer coats for the cold?
Because it's proven that a long coat that covers your thighs keeps you much warmer than a short jacket. In fact, this long cut allows you to better retain the heat released by your body by effectively protecting you from the cold outside air. In fact, you isolate your own individual heat production...

For everyday life, when temperatures drop, leave aside micro jackets and short jackets to cover yourself more effectively.
Go for coats, jackets or hoods with a thermally efficient lining to keep you warm.