What kind of warm clothing for men this winter?

When it's cold, it's first important to protect the extremities of our body: feet, hands and head. This is often where the cold often rushes in and spreads throughout the body. Then, it is important to protect our bust and in particular our stomach because in case of cold, it is our digestive system which is likely to be weakened, thus attention with the intestinal influenza which can nail us to the bed a few days.

It's all a matter of developing innovative materials that convert water vapor from the body into heat and keep it for as long as possible. These innovative materials are mainly composed of ultra-fine micro-acrylic yarns that act as thermal insulators. These yarns are so fine and so efficient in the production and conservation of heat that the finished product is itself fine and very light and therefore in-fine and very comfortable to wear.

Sub-pullovers and t-shirts
Personally, I opted for long-sleeved t-shirts that we can also call sub-pullovers. But beware, I'm not talking about the sub-pulls of the 80s. Here, we're talking about a warm, ultra thin and light product that doesn't itch and is breathable. The top of the top! I usually wear it under a sweater or a sweater but also under a casual or business shirt without worries. The advantage is that they are also available in round collar or V-neck and most often in black, navy blue, grey and white.