The technical subjects to be privileged for sport

The technical subjects to be privileged for sport

Thanks to the elastane, a garment imparts greater compression to the body. The result is an activation of the blood flow, which has the effect of increasing the muscular output.

With this type of intelligent sportswear, the athlete recovers more easily after a major effort. Elastane is also a so-called breathable material. It is a real ally during an intensive sports session.

Coolmax® acts on thermoregulation and wicks moisture outwards. It is a material capable of drying in record time, keeping the athlete dry during the effort. Coolmax® should be preferred to nylon.

Lycra® is extremely comfortable while practicing a sport. Lightweight, it is very stretchy, allowing the athlete great freedom of movement, whether in or out of water.

Lycra® is also used for making underwear, because it provides good support. And to resist to chlorine, the XtraLife of Lycra® has no equal to equip swimmers.

Cotton, a very comfortable and virtually tearproof material, absorbs one tenth of its weight in water. This means that an athlete is not bothered by the feeling of dampness caused by perspiration.