The world of walking shoes is divided into two worlds: the hiker boots that you can find at Décathlon, and the others that have a worked line and beautiful leather.
That's it, we're not talking about that. Having said that, Decathlon products do the trick when used for their intended purpose: the practice of sports.

We're talking about authentic leather and lace-up models with thick soles that are waterproof.

Well, if you're not Canadian or on a weekend in Russia, the investment may not be vital for a city life, but who knows.

For the blow, it is necessary to fully exploit the map of their origins. Don't hesitate to wear them with a big knit, a thick coat, technical materials? It would be useless to try to take them out of their universe, they are far too marked for that. This is what makes it a model to be reserved for the most informed.

Looking at Nick Wooster with his cabana and boots, one would think he left for an expedition to Greenland. In other words, he's having fun with the DNA of the shoes by integrating them into a very workwear look. Note the cut of his jeans: with tight pants, you'll create a gap between the narrow leg opening and the imposing shoes. Don't look for fitted pieces here, on the contrary!