Support: soft, medium or firm

Support: soft, medium or firm

It is technology that determines the degree of firmness of a mattress and its support. Firmness is expressed in product details in kg/m3. The minimum degree of firmness is 25 kg/m3 and the firmness of the firmest mattresses reaches 70 kg/m3.

Each of your customers may have their own personal preference in terms of support. It depends on his or her height and weight. If it is too firm, the body cannot sink and the spine cannot be straight. If it's too soft, the body may sink too deep, which is often the reason for back pain. Don't panic, however, it is always possible to opt for a mattress with medium firmness and to add a mattress topper to rebalance the support if the client has a preference for soft mattresses.

Practicality: removable or not
The removable mattress will offer a significant time saving to your staff. Indeed, it makes cleaning easier and removing the mattress cover will be done quickly. A removable mattress cover is highly recommended in this sector where guests occupy rooms only for short periods of time.

Independence of sleeping
In order to ensure your customers a restful and peaceful sleep until the morning, sleeping independence is an important criterion to take into account. Did you know that a person turns over about 40 times until he or she wakes up? A mattress that can absorb the effects of movements is therefore essential so that the person sharing the bed does not suffer from the movements of the other person and vice versa.

One will turn over on the side of memory foam mattresses or spring mattresses for a double bed because of their absorbent characteristics. They thus offer an excellent sleeping independence. Pressure on one side of the bed will not affect the other.