Sportswear: what material do I choose?

Sportswear: what material do I choose?

The choice of sportswear implies paying particular attention to the material that constitutes it. Technology makes it possible to make a range of sportswear that is comfortable and capable of boosting performance. The notion of safety also plays a major role in the development of today's sportswear.

Intelligent textiles adapted to sport
Whether running, fitness, sailing or skiing, for example, there is an adapted sports garment made of an extremely innovative technical material.

The new generation of technical fabrics are able to fight against bad odors due to excessive perspiration, to regulate body temperature, and even to evacuate the heat produced by the body during the intensive practice of a sport.

Others filter ultra-violet rays, thus providing real protection during outdoor sports activities. Still others insulate the athlete against low outside temperatures, making winter sports much more enjoyable.

Swimming pool enthusiasts have jerseys that enhance their silhouette thanks to silicone beads. But swimming suits can also reduce friction and make the leg and arm movements of swimmers even more efficient.