Whether in the gym, during a sports competition, on your running course or exposed on social networks, leggings have become an essential accessory to perform and reveal your looks. But beware, although many people think that they are reserved for women, it is not! Although men are not yet at the stage of wearing them every day in the same way as women, they can use them in a sporty, active setting and wear shorts over them for a more dynamic and discreet look.

It must be admitted that in terms of offer, the choice of sportswear for men is relatively limited compared to women, especially if you linger on the lower body: shorts, pants or tights. Nothing more! However, beyond compression garments and other waders, after their success among women, leggings for men are becoming more and more popular.

Be careful, leggings are not to be confused with compression garments. They simply adapt themselves to the fashion of the moment, offer a good support according to the size as well as the preservation of a good muscular temperature without the effects on the recovery of the compression (which explains a cost very often lower).

However, how can a man wear pantyhose and not see people giggling or feeling uncomfortable? Indeed, most men's clothing is just "plug & play". We don't have to think about their fit (except maybe the choice of colors! ) or the cut.

With leggings, most men experience the burden of making sure they don't present anything inappropriate. Indeed, just as with women, some leggings have a thin fabric and convey too much detail, some colors show too much, some have seams in the wrong place and many choose sizes that are much too tight.