But yes perfectly! I don't know when I last went into a jewelry store, but it must have been many years ago. I only look at costume jewelry and on sale again (15 € is already too expensive)!
The real jewelry, the beautiful ones, the precious ones, that's his business. Finally, if he wants to offer them to me (fortunately yes!).

I like the idea of being surprised. I like the idea that he makes his choice alone. However, there are questions to ask oneself in front of all this choice! Gold or silver? Classic or fashion? Bracelet or necklace?

Each time, he amazes me! It is always right, it dares styles that I probably would not have selected, wrongly. Either he knows me better than I do, or he is very well advised!

For example, he could surprise me with something a little daring and not too much seen like this black diamond ring.

The idea of black diamonds didn't thrill me but when I saw the association with white diamonds, I found it very balanced, white diamonds cut the dark aspect and enhance the whole.
And if heart jewels are not my cup of tea, I must admit that I caught myself ogling this very girly pink gold ring!