How to get dressed to run in the cold

How to get dressed to run in the cold

The usual outfit is not enough, especially if there is a lot of wind. »
Several layers of clothing for the upper body
For the top, it is better to add three coats than to coat a single thick layer.
For the first one, you can opt for a long-sleeved synthetic t-shirt with a second elastic skin that promotes freedom of movement during the race, and whose flat seams limit irritation due to friction. Breathable, it actively wicks away perspiration.
The second layer, which is looser, helps to stay warm, collects perspiration and wicks it away. You can therefore choose a polar fleece fabric.
Finally, the third layer provides protection from wind and rain without making the whole thing heavy, like a windbreaker. A hood will be particularly useful in case of bad weather.
Those who run on the road and/or in the dark will make sure that there are reflective strips offered by all good manufacturers.

If time permits, the second layer (windbreaker) can be removed after 20 minutes of running (average warm-up time). Do not hesitate to put it on again at the first feeling of cold: a cold can break out very quickly after even a slight cooling, especially when the garment is wet with perspiration.

Cover the lower body
Put on tights to protect the legs. If you like leggings, opt for the windproof version, specially designed for good insulation while letting perspiration evaporate.

In case of extreme cold, you can of course wear two layers and add a wider jogging pant on top of the leggings.

Winter conditions have cooled your running spirit? However, by taking a few precautions, jogging with the thermometer at 0°C provides unforgettable sensations. Our advice for running in all weathers and choosing the right anti-cold clothing, such as a hood or jogging suit.